About us


At first, making organic skincare products came about as a response to a rejection of the many creams aimed at treating eczema sold on the market, which I found to be unable to help my baby girl. My daughter was diagnosed with eczema at the age of 6 months. As an infant, the skin condition affected my baby girl’s sleep, as she would wake up several times at night because of the itching on her skin. 

Initially, doctors prescribed several creams which after multiple trials turned out to be of no help at all; yet when we came across a cream that would soothe her to sleep, it was very short lived.

By the time she turned 3 years old, we had used a vast number of lotions and creams all so promising but with no success. 

During those hunting days for the miracle cream, I became concerned  about the amount of harmful chemicals I was putting on her body and began seeking an organic alternative. Through the internet and various books I was able to find recommended lotions and creams which some worked momentarily and others made her skin condition worse. I became desperate yet not hopeless.

I prayed relentlessly for a healthy and efficient alternative to steroid creams and lotions often used in such condition. In so doing, i came across an organic skin care course that i gladly decided to take in order to improve my knowledge about making homemade creams for my daughter solely using organic ingredients.

To my great joy and surprise, the first homemade cream I put together, worked immediately on her. I saw that her skin was responding perfectly well to the application of the cream, the itching reduced considerably and so did the flare ups throughout the day. I thought yes, finally God has given me a product that is effective, safe and organic to use on my daughter sensitive skin. 

From that point forward I decided I would not use any steroid and any other medicated creams sold over the counter on my baby’s gentle skin.
She now has a very beautiful, smooth and clear skin and unless I tell you that she was diagnosed with eczema it is impossible for you to guess by looking at her. After I realized that it was possible to go totally organic for my daughter skin care regimen, I started making more creams, lotions even shampoos made with essentially organic ingredients. This account mark the birth of ‘Arize & Dazzle’ .